New Report Highlights New Jersey Cities’ Leadership on Stormwater Infrastructure Innovation

2021-08-07T15:32:27-07:00Apr 4, 2017|

April 4, 2017 — Today, New Jersey Future and re:focus partners celebrated the conclusion of Build It Green (BIG) with the release of a report highlighting innovative approaches three New Jersey cities are taking to the problem of upgrading stormwater infrastructure. The report, Small Cities With Big-City Infrastructure Problems: Three Case Studies in Stormwater Infrastructure [...]

Fixing sewers and local economies

2021-08-07T15:32:18-07:00Apr 4, 2017|

Calls for new infrastructure investment typically focus on bridges and potholes. Rarely do politicians pay attention to water infrastructure, despite the clear economic benefits of doing so. Only when situations reach crisis proportions, like in Flint, MI, does the history of deferred water investment make headlines.

Guide Helps Unlock New Resources for Stormwater Management

2021-08-07T15:32:10-07:00Mar 23, 2017|

On March 8, the New Jersey Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Permittee Network convened to share lessons and to brainstorm ideas for the future of stormwater management across the state. Held at the North Hudson Sewerage Authority, the meeting included a multimodal CSO+ workshop on “Unlocking Untapped Resources for Addressing CSOs” led by re:focus partners, as [...]

Climate Change Markets in Transportation

2021-08-07T15:33:58-07:00Mar 2, 2017|

While the Trump Administration will likely cut federal funding for research into climate impacts on transportation systems, others like state DOTs, regional MPOs and local governments will continue to incorporate climate risks into planning, design and O&M of transport infrastructure.

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